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RPS Rules & Regulations

a) Admission and Withdrawal

  • The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to anybody without furnishing any reason.
  • Parents would have to deposit all the requisite documents and admission fees within three days of granting admisssion. If they fail to do so, it would be assumed an automatic withdrawal from the admission procedure and cancllation of registration.
  • In case of non submissson of any of the documents like birth certificate S.L.C/T.C, previous school Report card, and so on admission to such a candidate shall be deemed as provisional.
  • If any student caught using unfair means during an examination he/she will not be retained on the school rolls.
  • In case a student stops attending the school without prior information to the school authorities his/her name will be stuck off the school rolls after six consecutive days of absence, and re-admission will be granted only after seeking a written permission from the Principal and depositing re-admission fees.
  • Every student will have to apply for leave in advance to avoid imposition of fine.

b) Leave & Attendance

  • 100% attendance is desireable. Leave can be granted only in case of serious illness or marriage of a relative on the production of valid document. Parents are advised not to insist on requesting for leave for their children except when it is absolutely necessary.
  • Note: A minimum of 75% attendance is essential for appearing in the Annual Examination.

c) Rules Regarding use of Science LAB/Computer LAB

Care must be taken of all the apparatus, instruments and appliances. In case a student breaks/spoils anything he / she shall have to make good the breakage / loss / damage. Fine would be imposed on the students as per the decision of the lab incharge or Principal.

Procedure, Rule and Regulations:-

  • The right to admission is vested in the management.
  • The school will normally admit old students who have been in the school.
  • Before admitting the students, the school will make a serious effort to advise students to take up streams suitable for them depending on their previous performance, through personal contact and counseling and career guidance. we don't have class XII.
  • The admission however will be barred to those students who are found guilty of breach of conduct, discipline negligence of studies, such as students whose parents do not attend the Parent-Teacher Meeting or whose report cards remain uncollected after examination and those who have been regulary defaulting in doing home work and submitting for correction.
  • Students can be withdrawn or removed from the school as under:-

    • By giving one Calendar month's notice in writing. In the absence of such a notice, one month's fee will be charged.
    • By the school authorities on any one of the following grounds:
      • Constantly under performing in class.
      • Irregularity in attendance.
      • Behavioural problem.
      • Over-Age in Class.
      • Non-payment of fees or chronic irregularity in payment.
    • For the withdrawal after April 30th, fees for two months i.e. May and June will have to paid. Those who leave in November will have to pay the fees for the Month of December also.