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RPS Art & Craft

The School provides facility of Art & Crafts Painting and Sculpture. It seeks to enlarge the scope of the academic programme so as to include other areas of artistic endeavor like music. The broad objective of the teaching programme is not only to explore the evolution and forms of arts, but also to bring about an integrated approach to the study of creativity. An inter-disciplinary approach is incorporated in the syllabi. Apart from the core faculty, experts in various fields and guest faculty of national and international repute teach subjects in the School.

Music Studios, School Band & Orchestra

The school band is well equipped with sophisticated musical instruments, which infuses perpetual musical interest in the students. Its melodious tunes with gorgeous and attractive uniform are a focus of attraction on different occasions. Above all, the school band has carved a niche for itself on the celebrations of Republic and Independence Days organized by District Administration. The school has a superb orchestra. We have Music Faculty with five teachers. They make the students perfect in the genre of singing and playing the instrument.

Faculty studios and music classrooms are equipped with excellent audio and video equipment. There are three practice rooms.